RTL Corporate photography

F16 has been chosen to produce staff portraiture for RTL Luxembourg. 
About 100 people have been photographed. (under production

  • Photographer: Christian Wilmes
  • Producer: Anne Grulms
  • Makeup artist: Laurence Thomann
  • Hair Stylist: Claudia Do Rosario
  • Backstage video: Thibaut Mikos

Belval Plaz’ART

Christian Wilmes is participating to the Belval Plaz’ART 2019. 04 images out of his artistic work will be displayed. Belval Plaz’ART is an artistic event initiated by www.belvalshopping.lu and implemented by Art Work Circle. It will take place from Friday 26th of April to the 6th of June 2019. The exhibition spaces will be spread over the entire Belval Plaza located in Esch-sur-Alzette.

Creative Industries Cluster launch

The Creative Industries Cluster already brings together 200 members representing a variety of activities – visual arts, films and audiovisual production, design, performing arts and digital media, to mention but a few. The idea of a common online platform is actually older than the cluster itself, being the answer to a major need highlighted by creatives themselves in a working group discussion at the very beginning of 2017. Photography by F16 PRODUCTIONS. More info : https://goo.gl/d4sNqk

FAIR. meets Nico de Soto

The FAIR. team meets Nico de Soto in New York’s East Village Mace cocktail Bar for a fresh cocktail preparation using the Fair Quinoa Vodka

Nico de Soto is considered as one of the best French mixologist of his generation and is owner of the Mace bar.
The Mace cocktail Bar is listed amount the 50 best cocktails bars worldwide. 
Instagram @fairdrinks

Mace cocktail Bar
649 E 9th St, New York, NY 10009, États-Unis
Instagram @macebarnyc
Instagram @nico2soto

The new Leica CL camera

Leica’s new compact camera has been presented. F16 has produced a small video to promote the camera in Luxembourg. It has been shot in the streets of the city center and has reached a +8K of views. You can get the camera at Lecuit, Leica’s spezialist in Luxembourg for over 30 years now. You can purchase the camera here : https://goo.gl/3N21mV

Special thanks to Laura Derobertis and Olivier Bouton for their help.

Key features of the Leica CL
- 24 Megapixel (Aps-c cmos ) 
- 12 frames per second 
- Leica TL mount 
- Wireless connectivivity 
- Touchscreen 

Lecuit Opto-Technical SA
3, rue des Joncs L-1818 Howald


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